The operating size of our tow truck fleet and the diversity of the equipment allows Texas Towing, Inc. to be of complete service to you and/or your company. We pride ourselves in offering the fastest response time in North Texas, along with a full staff of experienced and certified drivers.

We can respond anywhere in the Metroplex or throughout North Texas. As an extra benefit and service to you, our fleet is apportioned so we can assist you from coast to coast with your pick-ups and moves.

Our services include assisting individuals as-well-as city government contracts, law enforcement contracts, car dealerships, auto auctions, heavy truck service centers and major carrier roadside service just to mention a few. All of these customers are handled expeditiously and professionally.


Our drivers are required to have a CDL license and all employees of Texas Towing, Inc. undergo mandatory background checks. Employees are required to attend monthly driver/safety meeting conducted by our on-staff Safety Director. The director educates and trains our staff in all areas of driver safety, DOT requirements and law enforcement issues. He also oversees maintenance procedures as they pertain to DOT requirements and conducts random truck inspections.

Because we care, check out these safety reminders:

1. When possible, always find a safe place to stop.

2. Turn on your emergency flashers.

3. Put out reflectors if you have them.

4. Raise the hood on your vehicle.

5. Quickly evaluate your problem and call for help.

6. Move your passengers to a safe location away from the vehicle.

7. Always keep an eye on approaching traffic.

8. If a tow truck is required, call Texas Towing, Inc.


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